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Culburra Residents & Ratepayers Action Group

Burradise Don't Go Changin'

Who Are We?

Culburra Residents & Ratepayers Action Group is a non-profit community organisation committed to protecting and preserving the beauty and character of our coastal village.  Located south east of Nowra on the edge of the Jervis Bay National Park, we are  a one-road-in-one-road out village, bounded by beautiful waterways, including pristine beaches, rivers, wetlands and native bushland that are full of marine and bird wildlife.  Our village is under threat by developers who want to build inappropriate and unsustainable housing estates that would change Culburra Beach forever.

We respectfully acknowledge the Jerrinja Clan of the Wandi Wandian People and pay our respects to their elders past, present and future, on whose land we reside.

What We Do

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We run campaigns, webinars and meetings. We speak to councillors and parliamentary representatives and actively lobby to protect and preserve the beauty and integrity of our coastal village. We work with other coastal groups facing similar issues to share resources, strategies and promote awareness. We take action!

Click HERE to view RESPECT & PROTECT, a call to action video about the West Culburra development proposal.

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Raise Awareness

We raise awareness of the environmental and cultural issues that inappropriate and insensitive development has on our village.  We do research and assist with submissions, helping community members to understand the issues and to read through the development-speak.

Click HERE to view BURRADISE DON'T GO CHANGIN' a documentary in which Culburra residents speak about why it is important to protect our village from over development.


Build our Community

 We are like-minded people  from all walks of life who share a love and appreciation for our village just the way it is. We take climate change seriously and take pride in working together for a sustainable planet.  Join us or just stay in touch by contacting us on this website. 

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Stop over development!


The West Culburra housing development will damage our waterways and destroy precious unburnt habitat that is home to wildlife and endangered species such as the Powerful Owl and the Glossy Black Cockatoo. 


Water run-off and soil erosion from the development into the Crookhaven River and estuary is a threat to marine life and the oyster industry which requires the highest classification of water purity,


The Crookhaven River and its wetlands hold cultural significance for the Jerrinja community who live along its banks, in view of their sacred Cullunghutti mountain.

After decades of community opposition, West Culburra was approved in December 2021. But the fight is not over yet. The developer must be held to account and comply with the LEC conditions of approval.

We invite you to join us as we continue to lobby for appropriate housing developments, respectful community consultation and preservation of the Shoalhaven's beautiful coastal villages now and for future generations to enjoy.

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Thanks for joining our community. Together we can preserve our coastal village and create a sustainable future.

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